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Article: Best Leather Handbags for Ladies

Best Leather Handbags for Ladies

Best Leather Handbags for Ladies

If you’re looking for statement pieces instead of regular bags, leather handbags are your best bet. Leather handbags are the embodiment of elegance, style, and durability. There are lots of options to choose from, so this guide will highlight a few leather handbags to give you a head start.

7 Best Leather Handbags For Ladies - Our Best Picks

We selected seven leather bags, ranging from tote bags to cross-body and shoulder bags. Each bag is reasonably priced, so you’ll be getting good value for your money. You can choose one that meets your preferences and needs. Let’s get into it!

1. Coat Tote Bag

Coat Tote Bag

If you’re looking for a medium size bag for work or casual activities, the coat tote bag is an excellent option. Besides being designed with 100% leather, this luxurious bag has a unique style.

It comes with a clock design on the front, giving it a stylish finish. Despite being a medium-sized bag, it has a spacious interior to fit all your essentials for the day.

You can rock this bag on your business trips, casual outings, and daily activities. It has a detachable strap to fit your preferences as well.

2. Crossbody Bag

Nia Clock Black Crossbody Bag

Fashionistas, gather round for this one. This crossbody bag is dripping in sophistication with its fine calfskin leather finish. It also carries the signature clock design on the front and has detachable straps.

Now, this is a smaller bag, suitable for casual outings, but there’s no rule against taking it to a cocktail party. The rich black color suits most dress colors as well.

It's perfect for days when you just want to rush out and run errands. Simply swing it over your shoulder, and you’re good to go. It may not fit all your daily essentials, but the basics, like your phone and a few other items, will.

3. Baguette Shoulder Bag

Clock Baguette Shoulder Bag

If you love a good old retro bag, this baguette shoulder bag will catch your eye. Made with calfskin leather and a microfiber lining, it is a symphony for your senses.

With a simple yet sophisticated design, you can rock this bag with a tucked-in blouse and high-waisted pants. It also fits perfectly with formal attire or office wear.

4. Clock Baguette Bag

LIMA Clock Baguette Bag

The Lima clock baguette bag screams elegance with its unique design and finishing. Of course, it features the clock design, but the flap doubles as a hook in this piece.

The stitching is done meticulously with well-thought-out features. It is practical and simple for your basic needs. This includes lip gloss, keys, and smartphones.

Since it is smaller than the other bags above, the perfect way to rock it would be flat shoes and knee-length skirts with a blouse. Needless to say, it is excellent for casual activities.

5. Olivia Shoulder Bag

Olivia Shoulder Bag

If you’re looking for a bag that’s both chic and practical, look no further than the Olivia shoulder bag. Crafted with the finest calfskin leather, this shoulder bag is elegant and versatile.

Its unique shape makes it perfect for serious events like cocktails and casual outings like a day at the beach. You may not be able to put a laptop in your shoulder bag, but you’ll stand out from the crowd.

To rock this bag, wear ankle-length trousers, blazers, and some loafers. It’s your choice to use the detachable strap to convert it into a crossbody bag or not.

6. Aida Baguette Brown Bag

Aida Baguette Bag Brown

The rich brown color of the Aida baguette brown bag makes it stand out more. It gives off a sophisticated feel, which is expected from such high-quality leather.

While the bag looks small, it is quite spacious inside. The leather finish also makes it easy to clean. For variety, you can choose between a black or brown design. Both colors are suitable for business and casual events

7. Emma Pebbled Leather Bag

Emma Pebbled Leather Bag

The Emma pebbled leather bag is designed for the modern woman. Made from fine calfskin leather, it has a buttery texture. The size is what most people would refer to as cute.

While it isn’t a shoulder bag, you can still sport this bag to the office. Its size means only a few items can fit, but not to worry; you’ll have access to the basics.

Whether you’re having dinner with the girls or simply sightseeing, the pebbled bag is a great buy.

Why Choose a Leather Handbag

Leather handbags are a must-have for fashion-forward individuals. They are not only practical, but they can also showcase your personal style. So, why choose a leather handbag?

  • Leather handbags are durable
  • Leather handbags are easy to care for
  • Leather handbags are stylish and versatile
  • Leather handbags showcase your taste
  • Leather handbags have collectible value

Factors to Consider While Choosing Leather Handbags

You should consider size, functionality, style, color, and finishing. Neutral colors like brown and black fit almost every other color. When it comes to functionality, opt for one that meets your requirements. Size also matters if you’re looking for a bag to hold your laptop and other office supplies.

Author: Seuruyalvi - Chief Designer Author: Seuruyalvi - Chief Designer
My name is Seuruyalvi, as the chief designer at ZORNNA, I am responsible for overseeing the creative direction of the brand, from conceptualization to final product design.

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