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About Us


Zornna's novel design and luxurious materials have quickly attracted the attention of global consumers.

Zornna is a Hong Kong fashion brand founded by Sylvester, who has 18 years of experience in designing and producing luxury goods for famous brands .He found that the retail prices of luxury goods are generally 10 times or even higher than the manufacturing costs.He believes that there are always consumers who truly love bags but do not want to pay the high premium of luxury brands.  Therefore, with his many years of experience in design, research and development, and manufacturing, he founded Zornna to global consumers as an alternative to luxury brands, now selling in major developed countries around the world.

Aiming to be an alternative to luxury brands is not an easy task, but Zornna is taking careful steps towards achieving this goal.


It has to be fresh and independently original.

In Zornna's product line, designs are infused with soul, setting them apart from other brands. For instance, the Rainbow Series was launched after the world had just endured three years of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this health crisis, many lost significant loved ones, faced unemployment, and were devoid of hope. Therefore, the Rainbow Series tries to use rich colors to convey warmth and strength, bringing hope to people.

Zornna also pays great attention to the design of its hardware accessories. Founder Sylvester proposed: all bag straps nowadays are connected by a D-ring and a hook, which is too monotonous. "I must design a strap that can 'communicate' with consumers." After several bouts of inspiration and trials, he finally settled on using a pair of hands-shaped hardware for the strap buckle.

What inspired him to choose hands as the strap buckle?

One day, while watching a news segment broadcast in sign language for the deaf and mute, he was inspired. He realized that gestures are a form of language that can communicate with users. "When we present a beautiful bag to consumers with both hands, it's our tribute to their choice of our bags."

Consequently, a pair of delicate hands-shaped strap hardware, after more than a year of continuous refinement, was finally designed. For the convenience of consumers, the strap had to be detachable, and the base connecting the hands-shaped hardware was designed in the shape of a water droplet, symbolizing the sweat dripping from diligent hands, expressing the designer's homage to the spirit of hard work and dedication.

 (Diligent hands and the sweat they shed)

He is always exploring the extraordinary. He believes that bags can also be vibrant, just like life should not be stagnant like still water. Hence, he designed a clock lock. Since the clock is genuinely capable of keeping time, it makes the bags suddenly come alive. He also wanted to convey our attention to time through the clock, stating, "Time is most precious, and we should spend it on meaningful things. Everyone's time is limited; we should produce flawless bags for users, instead of letting them waste time selecting." Therefore, his quality demands for the bags are extremely rigorous.


Zornna is extremely meticulous about its materials. Up to now, Zornna primarily selects full-grain top-layer cowhide for its main material. Many consumers, when buying handbags, always like to ask if it is top-layer cowhide. In fact, at Zornna, using top-layer cowhide is just a fundamental requirement. Besides choosing higher-grade domestic leather, Zornna also opts for leather from Italy. With its rich experience in luxury goods manufacturing, Zornna cooperates with many leather factories in Europe.

In addition to fabrics, Zornna also demands extremely high quality for its hardware accessories. Zornna's hardware undergoes vacuum electroplating with gold, the most expensive and highest quality process in the industry, different from the majority of water-plating techniques on the market. Vacuum electroplating requires using real 24K pure gold in a vacuum furnace for plating. This process gives the hardware better color, a harder surface, makes it less prone to scratches, and significantly extends the hardware's lifespan. Currently, vacuum-plated hardware is rarely used in handbags priced under 1500 USD, but Zornna did.

Zornna’s Customers

Since it positions itself as an alternative to luxury brands, it must meet two criteria: first, the quality should be on par with luxury goods, and second, it should offer high cost-performance ratio. Zornna strives to ensure that when customers use their bags, they create a dazzling impression, suggesting that the bag is very expensive, and the owner has high, unique aesthetic standards, enabling all users to easily handle various high-end occasions at any time.

Besides design and materials, what's even more crucial for the brand's continuous development is its philosophy - openness and innovation!

With a spirit of openness, Zornna, apart from having its design team, also recruits talented freelance designers globally. Zornna empowers anyone who wants to design handbags with the right to do so. There's no need to graduate from a renowned design university, have experience as a top-tier designer, or even be a handbag designer. As long as one has original designs, they could be adopted by Zornna for production and sale, and the designer will receive corresponding compensation. Currently, Zornna has already adopted and produced works from two designers, which will soon meet consumers. Reference images for the works:

design draft

If you also want to design handbags, you can contact us at any time! Perhaps you can design a bag that expresses emotions for yourself, your friends, or your loved ones.