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About Us

our story

In the bustling pulse of modern life, ZORNNA emerges as a beacon of calm elegance, embodying an unparalleled commitment to quality and an innovative appreciation for time. Our brand story is as unique as the principles we aspire to inspire.


The genesis of ZORNNA hinged on the idea that fashion should resonate with our interaction with time. Our founder, a fervent enthusiast of design and craftsmanship with a flair for fashion, embarked on a journey to create a product that allows people to form a friendship with time. Thus, ZORNNA was born, and with it, the Timekeeper bag - a tangible manifestation of this core philosophy.


Living in the moment

At ZORNNA, we are more than a brand; we're a philosophy, hoping to inspire individuals to cherish and utilize their time fully. Our Gold-hands bag is a symbol of this philosophy, reminding us not to overly dwell on the past or worry excessively about the future, but to seize the present moment with its distinctive golden hand design.


life's answers

ZORNNA's Rainbow Bag, a symbol of life's answers, is a vibrant illustration of resilience. Each stitch, a testament to our artisans' painstaking efforts, signifies hope that breaks through the darkest clouds. In its patchwork design, each color brings a unique perspective, a reminder of life's diversity and how our strength lies in our unity.Life might not always be simple, but with the Rainbow Bag by ZORNNA, it is certainly vibrant and filled with endless possibilities."


go with the flow

Every Timekeeper bag is meticulously handcrafted from top-tier full-grain leather, the most authentic and minimally processed form of leather. This material preserves a full array of natural textures and markings. As time elapses, the bag develops a unique patina, echoing the philosophy of letting things evolve naturally and being authentic to oneself.


make friends with zornna

Every individual who chooses ZORNNA becomes a part of our success narrative. Our mission transcends the creation of high-quality fashion accessories. We aim to guide more people towards understanding and respecting time through our products.

Embark on your journey with time with ZORNNA and join us in making friends with time.