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Artículo: How to Get the Crease Out of a Leather Bag?

How to Get the Crease Out of a Leather Bag?

How to Get the Crease Out of a Leather Bag

A leather bag is an excellent investment because of its durability and other factors. However, this investment requires maintenance to last as long as possible. Even with routine maintenance, creases can appear on your bag, reducing its value and diminishing its appearance.

We’ll go over some tips to get the crease out of a leather bag as well as ways to prevent and maintain your leather bag.

Why Creases Form on Your Leather Bag

Some creases may form naturally, but there are some other factors that hasten the formation. They include,

Improper storage

Storing your leather bags properly can prevent creasing. If you place the bag under a heavy object or bend it in a tight spot, it will likely develop a crease. Pulling the bag and rough handling it can also produce the same results.

Wear and tear

While using your leather bag, it will develop creases naturally. Some from pulling and others from loading the bag up each time. You can do little to prevent this, but our tips below can help remove any creases that form after natural use.

Low-quality leather

Lower-quality bags are more prone to creasing. Corrected grain or bonded leather bags are good examples. Other high-quality leather, such as calfskin, is more durable and may take a while before creasing naturally.

Other environmental factors

Environmental factors may affect your leather bag in many ways. For instance, in areas with high humidity, the bag may be more susceptible to creasing. Also, when the weather is constantly dry, the leather bag can begin to shrink and ultimately crease. Sun exposure is as bad for your bag like it is for your skin. It can fade the leather and cause it to crack over time.

Removing Creases From Leather Bag

If you already see creases on your leather bag, there are a few ways to remove them. We’ll highlight some easy methods below.


You can repair the crease with a hairdryer, but you need to be careful because excess heat can damage the bag. Use low heat and don’t bring the dryer too close to the bag. Move your hand in a circular motion to get the wrinkled area.  

It also helps to massage it to smoothen the area out. Keep doing it until the crease disappears.

Use steam

Steam also works well for smoothing your bag. You can use a pot or kettle with boiling water and place the bag over the steam. While doing this, you need to be careful to prevent heat damage to the bag. After doing it, massage it gently with your hands and stretch it.

The bag needs to dry after using the steam. So place it outside to dry naturally.


If the crease is small and not very noticeable, you can try massaging it with your hand alone. Clean your hands before doing this so you don’t stain it. You only need gentle pressure for this. So work in circular motion and try to loosen the creases up.

Stretching by hanging

Hanging the bag for sometime may also work if the creases are not too obvious. Hang your bag on a hanger in a dry area and leave it out for a night or two. It should remove the crease. It is also important to pick a good hanger because an indented hanger can make new creases on the bag.

Flat ironing

A flat iron can come in handy here, but must be used in the lowest setting. Heat can damage your bag, so don’t forget before you start. Use a clean cloth on the crease and glide the flat iron over it. The fabric protects your bag from damage. But it helps to test the handle of the bag before doing it on the crease. This patch test will give you an idea of how much heat it can handle.

Leather conditioner

Leather conditioner also works for creases in the bag. It helps hydrate the leather and soften it so the appearance of creases will reduce. To do this, use a cloth and some leather conditioner and massage the affected area. Repeat the process as much as needed so it can moisturize the area and stretch it.

Getting a professional

Not every crease is easy to remove especially if it covers a larger area. After trying these steps mentioned above, you should try a professional. Leather experts can check the level of damage and determine the best solution to fix it. They can also restore the bag using their skills and expertise.

Preventing Creases on Your Leather Bag

Preventing the creases and wrinkles from developing is the best option. Here are some ways to prevent them.

Proper storage

Always store your leather bag in dry areas, away from direct sunlight. Extreme conditions are bad for the bag. You can also use a dust bag to store it to prevent filth from gathering. Also, stuffing your bag with tissue paper is important. It helps keep the shape of the bag and prevent creases.

Avoid storing the bag near sharp objects. These objects can damage the bag or cause creases if they aren’t sharp enough. Always check the storage space for your bags to prevent this.


Clean your leather bags often and condition them with leather conditioner at least a few times a year. In most cases, leather bags come with maintenance tips from the manufacturer so follow them to ensure that the bag has proper care.

Another important tip is to prevent color transfer from other items on your leather bag. Ensure that you don’t place your bag near items that bleed color as they can stain your bag.


A leather bag, despite being a more durable item, is still susceptible to creases and wrinkles. Lack of maintenance and improper storage are some reasons why your bag develops wrinkles or creases. However, natural wear and tear can also cause creasing.

We have outlined some easy ways to remove the crease from the bag. If these steps don’t work, you can contact a leather expert to work on the creases.

Author: Seuruyalvi - Chief Designer Author: Seuruyalvi - Chief Designer
My name is Seuruyalvi, as the chief designer at ZORNNA, I am responsible for overseeing the creative direction of the brand, from conceptualization to final product design.

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